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Welcome to DIVA Organics.

We are BOSTOCK New Zealand and are committed to growing healthy, premium organic apples in partnership with nature.

BOSTOCK New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest organic apple producer with a proud history of sustainable growing practices. The company is 100% owned by John Bostock and is based in Hawke’s Bay, one of the cleanest and purest growing environments in the world.

BOSTOCK New Zealand has been growing organic apples since 1996 and exports about 90% of the New Zealand crop.

We use sustainable organic practices to preserve and enhance our fertile soils, rivers and underground aquifer for future generations to enjoy. 

BOSTOCK New Zealand has over 500 hectares of BioGro fully certified land. Our organic DIVA apples are free from synthetic pesticides and other artificial substances.

We are accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM), and aim to improve long-term soil structure and fertility, encourage biological cycles, maintain genetic diversity, avoid pollution, and cycle organic matter and nutrients within the production system.
Cutting edge technology ensures traceability from our orchards all the way to our end customers.

We continually promote good environmental practice including a GMO free New Zealand.
In every activity BOSTOCK New Zealand is always looking for long-term sustainable relationships with customers, staff, suppliers and the environment.
For more specific information, visit our BOSTOCK New Zealand webpage: www.bostock.nz

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