Diva Promotional Support

diva_mktg01Escape from the world of ordinary apples…and grow your sales with Diva apples from New Zealand.

As a retailer, every day you are faced with the choice of what to stock – especially in the crowded apple category. Around the world, the apple category is evolving with more premium varieties taking the place of ordinary varieties. Enter Diva.

Diva is a premium, high red apple that competes well against other high red apple offers. Diva is very sweet, very red apple that’s out of this world when it comes to taste, flavor and aroma. It is an apple that will have your customers coming back for more.

We invite retailers and wholesalers to work with us to promote Diva. We can provide a suite of marketing and packaging support concepts to help you sell more and make the most of this very special, limited season apple.

Diva Retail Point of Sale Card

If you want a quick solution to promoting DIVA at your retail point of sale, simply download the DIVA Retail POS Card. With three versions available (conventional, organic and Mandarin), promoting DIVA in-store is easier than ever.

To download the organic version, click here: click here.
If you would like to download the Mandarin version, click here: click here.

Diva Promotional Tools

For a premium apple like Diva, packaging is a great way to add value and increase sales. We would be delighted to work with you on a Diva packaging strategy. The following photos show examples of how the Diva brand can be brought to life on packaging.

As a relatively new (but increasingly popular) variety, we welcome opportunities to assist you in growing Diva demand and awareness in your market. We can provide you with art for a range of marketing materials to help you promote DIVA in your stores. Contact your DIVA supplier for more information or click here to download the PDF.