What is a DIVA™ moment? It’s a moment of pure, apple-eating joy.

A DIVA™ moment is all about you. It’s a mouth-watering minute of ‘me-time’. A celebration of all things healthy and delicious. A chance to escape the ordinary … and enjoy the delightful.

A Diva™ moment begins when you bite into a sweet, crunchy and delicious Diva™ apple…and the world falls away. It’s a momentary escape as you enjoy the crisp sweetness, the fragrant ‘real-apple’ aroma and the divine taste that leaves you wanting more.

Diva™ apples are no ordinary apples: they’re premium apples, fresh from the idyllic apple-growing conditions of New Zealand. Naturally bright red and high in flavor, exclusive Diva™ is only available for a limited season, from April to August.

Diva™ is picked at the perfect moment to capture its pure taste, crispness and aroma. It is handled with great care so it retains its flavor and freshness until it reaches your tastebuds.

Go on, take a bite…you deserve it. Escape into the pleasure of a Diva™ moment.


Don’t just take our word for it, here is what customers are saying:

“I am not a grocer, apple grower or transporter of apples. I am a consumer and lover of apples. I recently stumbled upon the DIVA™ at Earth Fare in Columbia, SC. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this apple. I like that it is sweet like a Fuji or Gala but has the crisp texture of a Granny Smith. I can’t thank enough whoever it is that created this delicious fruit. I think these apples are a bit more expensive but they’re worth every penny. Thanks!” Leisha, South Carolina, USA

“I had a DIVA™ apple for the first time today and it was incredible. Before I took a bite, I actually smelled the apple and it smelled like actual fruit. The taste just rocked my world. Thanks New Zealand for such a fine product!” Ben, Texas, USA

“Hi, I am a Diva™ apples fans! I from Malaysia. Since I ate it, I really love it and just eat Diva™ apples. By the way, if one day I go travel with my mom in New Zealand, can we visit Diva™ apple farms? Thank you!” Rita, Malaysia

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DIVA™ is about as close to perfect as an apple can be and we hope you enjoy the taste and crunch of this stunning apple.

DIVA™: Enjoy a moment of pure apple-eating pleasure…