With new varieties abound, you need a proven performer in the high colour market.

You need a star

an apple that stands out from crowded shelves…

an apple that can sell itself.

DIVA™ – a new, sweet, high colour red apple – is just the new talent you need.

She is bright, shiny and her stunning rich red colour draws the eye and attracts shopper attention.

  • She’s higher Brix and sweeter tasting than her rivals, with firm, dense flesh.
  • Her crunchy, sweet and juicy taste will have your customers saying, “wow”.
  • Like most DIVA’s™, she doesn’t bruise easily. She responds well to both SmartFresh and Controlled Atmosphere, which gives her fantastic storability and makes her a proven performer among stored apples.
  • DIVA™ provides you with a competitive, high red colour apple offer, from March to August.
  • DIVA™ is available in both conventional or organic formats.
  • With limited volumes and controlled distribution, your competition will be envious.

If you’ve been looking for a rising star to compete with in the sweet, high red apple market, DIVA™ is just the new talent you need.

And NEW for 2014: We’ve launched a range of exciting marketing tools and packaging concepts. Contact your supplier for more information.